Ronaldo for running into the dressing room to thank supporters

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Talksport analyst Dean Saunders has slammed Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo for running into the dressing room to thank supporters. After the draw with Burnley. Jersey 1-1 yesterday because of the frustration of teammates, Fred and Scott McTominay on poor foot quality.

Ronaldo was actually dropped. But had to send the ufabet game in the 68th minute , but it couldn’t make a difference. Plus, at the end of the whistle, he refuse to applaud the supporters of ‘ Red Army ‘. Who came to support the midweek match.  

Which, according to the former Wales international spearman, believes that ‘ CR7 ‘ is annoy with Duo Mac – Fred for not keeping up with the striker unit.  

“ If you ask Ronaldo, who has been the worst midfielder in his entire career ? I don’t think Fred and Scott McTominay are out of the box at first glance. ” Comments after the game at Turf Moor.

” People might point to Ronaldo as the problem, but he’s actually playing with two or three extras , those players have reach the same grade as Cristiano. ” 

“ Every time the ball goes around the corner the team can put a lot of pressure on Burnley’s defense, when the ball goes from Pogba’s feet to Rashford , to Lingard and to Ronaldo, those are heavy weapons

“ The defender is average enough to go to the temple. But there is no good engine room on the field. The players they are using are not up to standard. ”

Despite being sympathetic to the five -time Ballon d’Or, football fans on social media dislike Ronaldo’s post-match behavior, showing a lack of appreciation for his followers despite taking the time , sacrificing money, and going out to cheer.